By Maximilian Erickson
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CSB junior Molly Kluever and SJU sophomore Tom Hawkins may host the podcast “Off the Record,” but they certainly had no problem opening up about their show.

The podcast, which is CSB/SJU themed, ranges from commentary on the news of the week, guest appearances and a host of Johnnie/Bennie banter.

The show includes segments like “Blast from the Past,” where the two riff off of archived editions of the campus newspaper, and “The Blotter” where the most recent edition of The Record’s security report is turned into comedic material.

According to Kluever, the idea for a podcast began when Hawkins ran up to her after an Attention Starved Children improv comedy show and told her they needed to start a podcast.

ASHLEY GROEBNER • [email protected]
New digs at KJNB radio have allowed Hawkins and Kleuver to improve their production quality.

Kleuver’s response?


She changed her mind after reading a book written by internet personalities Rhett and Link.

“[The show] wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Rhett and Link,” Hawkins said.

The phrase “do something mythical” from the book struck Kleuver, and work immediately began to get a podcast off the ground. The decision to focus on life at CSB/SJU came naturally when deciding what would be entertaining and interesting. Kleuver and Hawkins decided to run with it.

Kleuver and Hawkins weren’t able to begin recording until spring semester, but have since hit the ground running. The show has so far featured multiple guests.

“As of right now, they’re our friends,” Hawkins said.

These friends include members of on-campus comedy groups, and discussions range from classes, dorm life and the weather. “Off the Record” continues to be refined as time goes on.

Recently, the duo began recording at KJNB radio, the CSB/SJU radio station. Despite their upgraded recording capabilities, the show’s goal of being a comedic take on CSB/SJU life remains unchanged.

Hawkins and Kluever are still uncertain of their podcast’s future, since Hawkins will be abroad next semester.

“[We’ll] have to see if we’re replacing Tom or not,” Kleuver said.

ASHLEY GROEBNER • [email protected]
Molly Kleuver and Tom Hawkins host “Off the Record” on Mondays at 5 p.m.

The plans for the fall are up in the air but the two agreed they will absolutely pick up the show in the spring.

From initial misgivings to outright enthusiasm, the two have kept “do something mythical” as their mantra as they attempt to stick to the show despite the hard work it requires.

“[It’s] hard work, but rewarding,” Hawkins said.

The production of the show may be exhausting, but the two have experience in improv and sketch comedy, making the actual “comedic” part of being a “comedic podcast” more manageable.

Recent episodes have seen an issue of The Record from 1929, a discussion about the state of vacuum cleaners in the dorms and much more.

“Off the Record” is released every week on Spotify, and airs live at 5 p.m. on Mondays on KJNB Radio.