By Catie Parker
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The CSB swim and dive team is off to a great start so far this season, placing first in two of its first five meets along with record-setting individual performances.

Junior diver Mallory Jarvi holds the second-best three-meter dive score in CSB history. Her team has had an impact on her success.

“The divers would normally practice at SJU last year, but this year we got a one-meter diving board at CSB, so now we can hold practices with the swimmers,” Jarvi said. “It makes it a lot easier to see the swimmers more regularly and bond with them, which overall created a really good team dynamic.”

First-year Mikayla Von Wahlde did not hesitate to make her mark in CSB history. In her first collegiate meet, she set the school record in the 100 IM. She also swam one of the top ten in school history in the 100

“Our coach made a deal that if a certain number of us got better times than what we came in with, he would buy us ice cream from Cold Stone,” Von Wahlde said.

Junior Mallory Jarvi has the second-best three-meter dive score in CSB history.

Although this motivational tactic might have been a one-time deal, it provided a great opportunity for the team to bond together and prepare for the rest of the season.

Although swimming tends to be individual in the events, each member of the CSB swim team still uses each other as motivation to perform to the best of their abilities.

“We’re all cheering for each other. It’s a very positive atmosphere in practice, and that overlaps into the meets, where we find ourselves being the loudest people on the pool deck,” Von Wahlde said.

The team chemistry doesn’t involve cliques of each event, but rather the team as a whole.

“I really like seeing the swimmers cheering us on while we’re diving, and us cheering them on while they’re swimming,” Jarvi said.

While the team serves as one main motivation to perform well, Von Wahlde says overall performance depends heavily on attitude.

“Instead of saying I’m nervous, I tell myself I’m excited, Von Wahlde said. “It’s really the same thing when you think about it, but being excited builds more confidence for the meet.”

With a little over two months left in the season, it’s expected to see some sort of burn out among athletes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this swim and dive team. With so much left in the season, it only gives them more motivation to work hard towards their end goal.

Jarvi expresses that although winning is important, it is also important to stay mentally and physically fit with so much time left in the season.

“We want to stay healthy and strong; our coaches emphasize being happy with doing as well as we can,” Jarvi said.

The next meet is at 12 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 8 at St. Catherine’s.

Von Wahlde soundly sums up the team’s goals for the remainder of the swim and dive season.

“Our goal is to kick butt at MIACs and be happy with our times,” Von Wahlde said.