By Myah Christenson
[email protected]

Horror struck on Sunday, Sept. 30 when a 64-year-old male killed 59 people and injured over 500. Stephan Paddock fired one of his many semi-automatic rifles into the crowd of the Route 91 music festival from his 32nd-floor hotel room window. This was the largest mass murder in US history.
So here we are, months later and still, nothing has changed. When was the last time you thought about this shooting? Probably the day it happened. But by the next day, the next big news story came around and this shooting became history.
Just like Sandy Hook. Just like Columbine. Just like Orlando. Just like all the other mass shootings that have taken place in the US, Las Vegas has become a part of the history.
Each year, on the anniversary of the shootings, we will retweet our thoughts and prayers, share sad Facebook posts about Aunt Debra’s neighbor’s friend’s husband who was at the concert during the shooting and maybe even talk about the shootings in our classes.
Our second amendment “right” to own a gun is more important than our right to life. Obviously, our founding fathers intended for each of us to have the right to own 17 semi-automatic rifles that can rip through thousands in five minutes.
In February of 2016, President Trump signed a bill making it easier for people with severe mental health issues to buy guns.
After the mass shooting, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late-night host broke down in tears as he addressed the shooting. He explained that 90 percent of Democrats and 77 percent of Republicans support stronger background checks at gun shows and 89 percent of Republicans and Democrats are in favor of restricting gun ownership for the mentally ill.
Even though the majority of American citizens believe in stronger gun control, our elected representatives in congress obviously don’t because the House of Representatives is working on a bill to legalize the sale of silencers for guns.
In June of 2016, the NRA fought for people on the no-fly list to have the right to buy guns.
This is past the issue of gun control. This is about public safety and common sense.
If you can’t board a plane, you shouldn’t be able to own a weapon as deadly as a gun. If you have mental health issues, you have no business owning a semi-automatic weapon. No American citizen needs to own an M16, let alone 17 of them.
After the terrorist attack on 9/11, airport security limited our liberties to keep citizens safe on airplanes.
When a man with a beard attacks America, we create policies and enforce airport security. But when a 64-year-old white man murders 59 people, there is apparently nothing we can do.
So why has nothing changed since 20 children were murdered at their elementary school? Or the 13 people who died in the Columbine shooting? And why will nothing happen after the largest mass murder in US
history? What will it finally take for things to change? Us.
We can no longer only give our thoughts and prayers through pointless social media outlets. We need to give our elected representatives in congress a piece of our mind.
Speak up. Speak up for better gun control. Speak up for better background checks. Speak up for mental health restrictions on gun ownership. Speak up for the victims of these murders. Contact your elected representatives in congress and speak up for what you believe.
You can retweet all you want, but nothing will change.

This is the opinion of Myah Christenson, CSB sophomore