Dear Editor,

My frustration with Sexton Café has grown to a level that I deem it now appropriate to write about it in a public forum. Do not get me wrong, my encounters with the employees have always been pleasant and it has provided a great place for me to study over the last four years. This is not the issue I have.
However, the recent changes with Sexton as well as Johnnie Java have gotten me a bit rattled. Not only have choices been limited due to the closing of Johnnie Java, but also with this closing of Johnnie Java—which was supposed to be the new hub of snacks—has taken choices away from Sexton.
Sometimes I just want to surpass the burrito bowl and grab a bag of Teddy Grahams. There are no Teddy Grahams.
I also feel as though the lower level of Sexton where Johnnie Java once sat has lost its sense of community; the presence it once held is now a sad space. Whether it was early mornings when students gathered to get their warm drinks or after football games when families would come to check out the central building of SJU, there is just something missing.
Although I am immensely happy with the renovations of Alcuin and appreciate all the Schu has to offer, there is something different about this place. Change is good, but I believe there is something to be said for the constants that remain.
I guess it is a good thing I am graduating, huh?


Rebecca Timmons ’18

CSB senior