Dear Editor,

During the last St. John’s Senate election, there was a question that surprised me and presumably other Bennies and Johnnies.
This question focused on whether or not the student Trustee’s position should be renamed as Trustee Representative. This means the faculty and student representatives on the Board of Trustees have essentially lost all real power on the board by their voting powers being revoked.
This means the administration hides behind the token claim that it’s listening to the voices of students and faculty.
I, for one, was shocked to learn that the faculty and students at this school don’t have any real power when it came to the Board of Trustees’ decision because they make up the majority of this school’s population. To me, this decision sets a dangerous precedent for the future at St. John’s and St. Ben’s because it shows that the board doesn’t care about their faculty or students.
As a student whose daily life is affected by the decisions that are made by this board, I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask for a method that students can use to voice their concerns actively and the administration will actually consider.
I don’t think that it’s fair for the school to take our money and ignore our voices.


Adam Schwartz ’20

SJU sophomore