Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, President Trump fulfilled his constitutional duty to address Congress with information regarding the State of the Union. The president spoke for just shy of an hour and a half, giving remarks on issues ranging from the economy to current social strife.
Only Donald Trump, the overbearing businessman-turned-president, is capable of speaking for such a long period of time and still saying nothing.
The first portion of Trump’s address outlined his accomplishments over his first year in office, which largely hinged on economic triumphs. This is flawed on two counts: first, the president has very little control over the economy, which depends largely on external factors and is slow to change. Second, the tiny sliver of control that Trump could exercise over the economy comes from the president’s ability to appoint the heads of the Federal Reserve—all of whom were appointed by previous presidents.
The second portion of his speech set a dark tone for the year to come. He came out hard against immigrants, those who knelt for the national anthem and foreign entities that he feels owe America for their economic prosperity. His policy proposals were largely fanfare and lacked substance, a fact that gives any person who is not a white, male member of the middle or upper-class reason to be nervous.
In short, what we learned from the State of the Union is that Trump has one year under his belt and nothing good to show for it.


Meghan Mullon ’18

CSB senior