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We understand that all good things must come to an end. But sometimes when things come to an end, the absence it leaves is obvious in our lives. We’re talking about the absence left by the beloved Stickworks that once stood along County Road 159 on the way to St. John’s.
Made in Sept. 2012, “Lean on Me,” a piece of artwork built by volunteers under the direction of artist Patrick Dougherty, was revealed to campus. Dougherty was inspired by the beauty of the Stella Maris Chapel to
create the sculpture. The structure was made with sticks from the St. John’s Abbey Arboretum.
The quickly dubbed Stickworks drew tourists from across the Midwest and intrigued prospective students. It was burned down Jan. 6, 2016 after staying up for longer than initially planned. Stickworks was made with the intention of one day being taken down due to the inevitable weakening and deterioration of the structure.
For seniors and juniors that saw Stickworks everyday and for first-years and sophomores that may have experienced it on tours as prospective students, there is a sense of nostalgia that surrounds it. Whether it was our parents looking out the car window exclaiming “what is that?” or the multiple Instagram photos that graced our feeds, it was something that CSB/SJU proudly claimed that not many other schools could.
When riding by that empty lot on the Link, it tugs at the heartstrings a little. But that’s okay. That empty lot has an extreme amount of potential.
We could fill that vacant lot with anything, the possibilities are endless.
The creativity and work that went into Stickworks shows the determination and creativity of our community.
As of now there are no public plans (that we are aware of) for the vacant lot. But if the nostalgia is eating at you as much as it’s eating at us, suggest something. Be creative, be imaginative. If you have an idea that you’re passionate about, pursue it.
Sorry if we’re being too sappy. But Stickworks has taken root in our hearts, and we seek for a new seed to be planted.