By Ben Pults
[email protected]

The St. John’s Senate (SJS) and the St. Ben’s Senate (SBS) were called to order this past Monday night in the Founder’s Room at St. John’s University for a joint senate meeting. The meeting discussed new allocations for funding, presented to both senates, as well as a joint relations update between the two senates and an open forum for students to speak about issues on campus.
The first special order of the evening was for the Outdoor Leadership Center (OLC). SJU senior Hudson Echelard, SJU junior Zach Fritz and CSB sophomore Michele Beadle presented many different activities that the OLC would like to receive funding for throughout the semester such as a broomball tournament, a day trip to Duluth and new gear for the OLC.
The OLC requested a total of $1,655 ($827.50 per senate). One concern among the senates was that the OLC should reach out to more groups of diversity, as well as find a unique way to reach out to students other than email. The motion was passed by the SJS 17-1-0. In a closer vote, the motion was passed by the SBS 9-7-0.
The second special order of the evening involved the Peer Resource Program (PRP). CSB seniors and PRP co-coordinators Eleanor Babcock and Annie Johnson presented their case to receive funding from the senates for this semester. They also presented different events such as a couples climb on Valentine’s Day, a PRP wedding event and balloon painting.
The PRP requested a total of $1,100 for this semester, or $550 per senate. The motion was passed by the SJS unanimously, 19-0-0. The motion was passed by the SBS 13-3-0.
The joint relations update between the senates was the next event that followed. The senates created a new set of joint committees following the recent open forums for both senates. These committees aim to improve inclusivity on campus through the administration, Joint Events Council, orientation, protest demands from previous years and admissions.
They also created a few other committees that involve addressing sexual assault and its prevention, as well as community relations among members in St. Joseph. Each senator will be a part of at least one of these new committees, while maintaining some individual senate committees.
The next St. John’s Senate meeting will take place at 9:20 p.m. on Feb. 12 in Brother Willie’s Pub.
The next St. Ben’s Senate meeting will take place at 5:00 p.m. on Feb. 14 in Gorecki 120.