By Bridget Lenczewski
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In May, remodeling will begin in the Main Building at CSB. The primary goal of the remodeling is to provide unified departmental space for the mathematics, computer science, psychology, economics and nursing departments. Classrooms throughout the entire building will also be remodeled and upgraded to include newer teaching technologies, furniture, heating and air conditioning systems. The Main Building will be transformed into an all-academic building.
While the nursing and economics departments are already located in the Main Building, the other three departments will be new to the building. To make room for three new educational departments, administrative services will be moving into three buildings that are currently under construction. The three buildings were formerly owned by the monastery and their construction will be completed by the beginning of May. Once the construction of three buildings has finished the offices of Admissions, Human Resources, Student Accounts, Marketing and Communications, Financial Aid and Institutional Advancement will all transfer out of the Main Building and into these three new buildings. At this point, the math, computer science and psychology departments will be able to move into the Main. The theology department will be moving into Richarda.
Construction on the classrooms in the Main is expected to be finished by the end of the summer so that classrooms will be open for the fall
semester of 2018. Construction on the new spaces in the Main will continue into the next academic year, wrapping up in the spring semester of 2019.
“There will be three dedicated computer labs there for computer science majors and [there will be] one or two classrooms to be used both by the computer science [department] and other departments. There has been a lot of focus on the teaching space,” Executive Director of Facilities Brad Sinn said. “There is also a big focus on psychology lab space and computer science lab space. The robotics lab will be there. [All that] is back in the wings of the building.”

JILLIAN SCHULZ • [email protected]
CSB’s Main Building will be undergoing renovations starting in May. Several new departments will move to the Main Building with theology moving to Richarda.

In the middle of the building, there is student landing space between classes. Every floor will have a student commons that is in closer proximity to faculty offices. In the departments, there will also be departmental commons which will serve as places to sit and study.
Despite the noticeable changes of most of the Main Building, the historic Teresa Hall section of the building will remain relatively unchanged in its appearance.
The overall estimate of the entire construction project is about $7.5 million. The estimate includes the cost of engineers, architects and furniture.
In addition to the remodeling of the Main Building, all the classrooms in the Henrita Academic Building will also be remodeled over the summer. Furthermore, plans to remodel the exterior of the Benedicta Arts Center are in place. In other news, construction on the new College Avenue Athletic Fields, located between Centennial Commons and Renner House, is expected to be completed within the next month or two.
All buildings will be and are being built to a LEED building standard, which is a sustainable building standard. Moreover, by renovating monastic buildings to be used for administrative space, the carbon footprint of St. Ben’s will remain the same.