As CSB/SJU students return from fall semester abroad programs in Chile, Ireland, London, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, China and Japan, they look back on their many adventures overseas.

Vina Del Mar, Chile
Joe Bastian—sophomore, Environmental Studies major
I’m a sophomore so I was one of the youngest people on the trip. In my opinion it was actually better for me to study abroad my sophomore year because a lot of my classes transferred back as common curriculum credits. Chile was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life and would 100 percent recommend it to everyone even if you aren’t a Spanish major or minor. My biggest takeaway from the program was all the friends and connections I made with people from all around the world. My favorite part of the trip sadly didn’t occur in Chile, instead it occurred in Peru. In Peru a group of about 15 Bennies and Johnnies summited Machu Picchu to see the ancient Incan city. Seeing that with my fellow Johnnies and Bennies was one of the most incredible moments of my life!
Galway, Ireland
Grace Bandel—junior, English major
From dark, rainy mornings to breathtaking Galway Bay sunsets, each moment spent in Ireland was one of beauty. Whether traveling on a ferry to the Aran Islands, or joining the Halloween parade in Derry, our group enjoyed becoming immersed in the incredible Irish culture. In spending time by our cottage fireplaces, learning from our wise Irish professors and celebrating with “Sláinte,” our group became a family, and Ireland became our home. The green of the Cliffs of Moher, rich Irish history, and the kindness of Ireland’s culture have and will continue to transform me forever.
Salzburg, Austria
Paul Wenner—junior, Economics and Accounting major
When looking back at my time abroad, there were so many aspects of the trip that made studying abroad in Salzburg a once in a lifetime experience. Before studying abroad, I thought that my favorite times would be spent traveling around Europe, but one thing that I didn’t expect was that my favorite times abroad were spent getting to know the people in my group and emerging myself into the Austrian culture. Some of my favorite memories abroad was the time our group went hiking in the alps for a weekend, Oktoberfest, the countless times at the beer hall Augustiner, and the ski trip to Innsbruck at the end of the semester. One challenge that occurred to me when studying abroad in Salzburg was the language barrier and not knowing any German. While this was difficult at times, it was still easy to get by because most people speak English as their second language. Overall, I am so glad that I decided to study abroad in Salzburg, Austria. It was such an unforgettable experience that allowed me to learn more about myself and the rest of the world. My advice for anyone thinking of studying abroad especially in Salzburg is to cherish the little things that make your program unique and to do it because studying abroad will be the best four months of your life!
BeiBei, China
Elizabeth Carrizal— junior, Global Business major
My favorite memory is getting to visit the second tallest building in the world – The Shanghai Tower! Learning how to order my food in Chinese was a challenge I overcame. I would tell someone considering the China
Program to get out of your comfort zone and don’t be scared to go to a country where you don’t know the language. China is definitely a country that keeps growing and the country will amaze you in so many ways. Embracing a new culture and being fearless are definitely worth the study abroad experience at CSB/SJU.
Tokyo, Japan
Andrew Shoenbauer— junior, Global Businessmajor
One of my favorite memories from this past semester in Japan was my homestay weekend. The first night we were there my host family invited a bunch of the other international students and students from Bunkyo Gakuin University, the university we studied at. We had a big barbecue with about 30 people and spent all night eating and having an absolute blast with one another. It was by far my favorite night of the semester!