By Shannon Govern
[email protected]

The CSB Senate meeting was held Wednesday, Jan. 24 to discuss the Bennie Career Closet, hold an open forum and hold in-senate elections.
Bennie Career Closet presented an educational slide show which displayed the space and the resources available. They requested acknowledgement for their actions which help to bring professional clothing to students who come from difficult financial situations or international students from abroad who may not be able to bring their own wardrobes from home.
The open forum was filled with students voicing their concerns about the white supremacist messages posted in St. Joseph. Students challenged the CSB Senate to take a more active stance regarding the
education of issues facing international students and students of color. Additionally, students requested that members of the senate go to more events and take their leadership roles more seriously. Specifically, they wanted others to attend cultural events put on by organizations like
Intercultural and International Student Services (IISS).
Discussion ensued between senators to encourage more participation outside of the weekly Wednesday meetings. Open forum ended with a request for students to cease complacency with acts of racism, sexism and religious intolerance.
The internal vote was tabled for the night and to be addressed at next week’s meeting at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 31, in Gorecki 120.