Dear Editor,

Last Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the Johnnie-Tommie basketball game at Sexton Arena. It was a well-played game and the Johnnies won with an impressive 77-62 showing. That was the Johnnies’ 12th win in a row and junior guard David Stokman was named MIAC Men’s Basketball Player of the Week. Congratulations to a great team.
I also want to acknowledge the fans who attended the game. It was a large and enthusiastic crowd. With many alumni and young family members in attendance, the crowd was loud and lively, but in the best of Johnnie traditions, the enthusiasm was almost entirely positive and something to be proud of.
In other words, it was a good experience for all, including our many guests.
Thank you for your positive participation in another spirited battle in the MIAC.
Go Johnnies!


Michael Hemesath

SJU President