Dear Editor, 

Over Thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to have traveled home to spend the holidays with my family. Since I do not have a vehicle here, I had to string together various rides offered by my cross country teammates to get home. This time it worked.

However, this may not always be the case. Specifically, at the end of the semester, when everyone is leaving on different days, my network of immediate contacts isn’t likely to be of assistance.

When this happens, the next move is to make a post in the class Facebook page. At this point, I ask “Why isn’t there a ride page for all CSB and SJU students?” By limiting our options to just our class, we are overlooking three-fourths of possible solutions.

Expanding the ride possibilities is important, especially for people like me who come from out of state and there is only a small pool to draw from initially.

The schools should establish an official ride share page that all students who are looking to offer rides and those who need them can join to connect. It’s an important service that should be provided for those who have great distances to travel.


Jacob Czech ’21
SJU first-year