KATARINA PODEWILS • [email protected] • Milk and Honey Cider offers a wide variety of fresh pressed ciders to try.

Junior The Record editor Katarina Podewils reviews drinks from Milk and Honey Ciders

By Katarina Podewils
[email protected]

Many may not know that there is a hidden gem found here in St. Joseph, and that gem’s name is Milk and Honey Ciders.

Milk and Honey Ciders, previously located in Cold Spring, opened a new
taproom in St. Joseph this past August. According to co-owner Peter Gillitzer, the decision to move appeared to be more fruitful for business.

“It’s enough space to get us by for many years to come,” Gillitzer said. “We won’t have to expand for quite some time.”

The taproom serves ciders that are brewed from locally grown apples like the Newtown Pippen, Northern Spy, Winesap and a variety of crabapples. With its location so close to its apple source, guests have the opportunity to experience a more traditional cider tasting.

Hence, as a cider enthusiast and writer, I decided that it was only my duty to write a review on Milk and Honey Ciders. After all, who doesn’t need an excuse to drink cider?

Upon entering the taproom at Milk and Honey Ciders for the first time, one’s nose will be delighted by the smell of fresh oak. Your eyes will be drawn to a pleasant looking open space filled with tables and benches.

Standing against the far wall is a bar where you can ask one of the fine employees for a flight of three ciders to taste—each cider poured into a clear clean glass.

After sitting down, you may see the local weekly book club enjoy an afternoon out at the cidery, sipping away on their drinks with cheese and crackers in view.

The only downside to this experience, I believe, are the hours the taproom is open. Unfortunatley, Milk and Honey’s business hours are only open on the weekend. Thus, this takes away the option to visit one spontaneous Wednesday evening for with your study group for example.

However, with this being said, the Milk and Honey Ciders establishment is quite quaint. Its beautiful location as well as
excellent ciders may have readers excited to visit.

So go visit and take a sip!

Katarina’s Picks:

1. Kingston Cuveé:
This cider has both an initial citrus beginning and a bitter herb after taste. As a dry cider, I enjoyed its flavor and would recommend this cider to
anyone who feels like being stately for an evening.

2. Fauna:
As compared to Milk and
Honey’s other dry ciders, the Fauna is much lighter in spirit as per its namesake. Its fruity and natural flavors will have you asking for another glass.

3. Flora:
If you’re looking for something floral and rosey, then the Flora is the drink for you. Though you anticipate an aromatic taste, its fruity flavor will
surprise you.

4. Heirloom:
This cider is both fruity and sharp. If you are looking for a more classic apple cider taste, than this is your pick.

5. Spirit Animal (Editor’s Favorite):
This barrel-aged, Newtown Pippin and Winesap blend is very dynamic. It’s both bubbly and bright and the after taste reminds you of fresh pressed juice.

6. Cider Rosé:
The Cider Rosé has both your traditional cider taste combined with rosé wine flavors. If you aren’t a big fan of cider, but you enjoy wine, this cider option will be the one for you.