Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article in the most recent issue of The Record that talked about student’s reactions to Donald Trump’s presidency. I believe it is time for Republicans on this campus, and across the nation, to admit that Donald Trump has utterly failed. This country is worse off in every metric. Our country is more divided than it was a year ago, and our reputation as a leader is worse than it was a year ago.

Our country has never seen this level of division since the Civil War. We are divided on every issue, and every issue is a personal one. Our civility has broken down, and the president of the United States has failed at mending these wounds.

Instead of reaching across the aisle and reaching compromises, he insults his enemies as “weak,” “sad” or “fake.” This breakdown of discourse only seeks to further the divisions that he should be working to heal, not make worse.

On the world stage, we are more isolated than any time since World War I. The Paris Climate Accord, a deal which President Trump pulled us out of, has now been signed by Nicaragua and Syria, the last two holdouts. We are now the only country in the world who does not recognize climate change as an immediate threat to the planet.

This, along with policies directly opposed to globalization, prove that Trump has no desire to make America the great global leader it once was.

We need to face facts. President Trump has failed on every promise he has made, and he has failed our country with the actions he takes. Every student on this campus needs to see the reality: the Trump Presidency has failed. He cannot lead, and he never should have.


Adam Schwartz ’20
SJU sophomore