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By Meredith Jarchow, Sean Kelly, Brett Zallek and Nick Swanson

When we think of our sporting communities here at CSB/SJU, we often only think of SJU athletics, specifically the football team. The tilt toward SJU athletics is disproportionately recognized in regards to respect and notoriety compared with CSB athletics. There is virtue in attending and recognizing CSB athletics events. While two institutions, we are intertwined. The vast majority of students are missing out on opportunities by not attending CSB athletics.

This is not meant to discourage our support for Johnnie sports. To the contrary, our student support at SJU athletic events is often very strong. While we should be supporting Johnnie sports, there is ample room to give Bennies the support they deserve as well. By extending interest to both schools athletics, our bonds as students will become stronger. Bennie athletes will feel a sense of purpose. Support and recognition should be shown for all of our student athletes, regardless of whether their jersey reads St. John’s or St. Ben’s.

CSB athletics has recently made attempts to spark interest amongst students. They launched the Bennie Nation app which rewards students with prizes for attending events. In addition, the Claire Lynch Hall gym has seen multiple renovations and the state-of-the-art College Avenue Athletic Fields is in the process of being completed, which will host CSB soccer and softball games for years to come. St. Ben’s athletics is supporting their student athletes and it is now our time to do the same. As fellow students, we should support their

In addition, students should be genuinely excited to support their Bennie athletic teams on their successes alone. The CSB volleyball team won the MIAC  championship last weekend and moves on to the NCAA tournament on Nov. 9 (scores unavailable for print). CSB soccer and rugby both made it to playoffs, and basketball and softball are both returning after trips to the postseason last year as well, just to say a few.

So get out and support your CSB athletics as well, because one thing is for certain: whether it is Bennie or Johnnie sports, we can all agree that we’re better than the Tommies.