By Hannah Schumacher­-Renner and Katie Dockter
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This academic year, our main goal for Students for Life is to emphasize the dignity of life at all stages rather than just focusing on life in the womb. To work toward this goal, we have planned events such as food and clothing drives, book drives for local prison, volunteering at nursing homes and making blankets for children at Anna Marie’s Alliance.

Another goal of our club is not to separate our community in an “us versus them” mentality. We enjoy having a dialogue with those who disagree with our viewpoints and always welcome pro-choice individuals to respectfully partake in our meetings or join us in our charity events.

We are not about silencing someone’s voice and neither is our school. What students fail to understand is that instating a pro-choice club would lead to severe repercussions. The school isn’t about silencing pro-choice voices. It goes much deeper than that. CSB/SJU sees a pro-choice club as big deal and does not take it lightly.

A pro-choice club at a Catholic university could cause great scandal in the Catholic Church. It could put our school in the national spotlight and bring us undue attention. It could harm our reputation.

A few years ago, when the CSB Health Center started prescribing hormonal contraceptive methods for health reasons, the school lost many donors who were not in favor of this change. Now think about a pro-choice club. A pro-choice club could result in several unhappy alumni and donors. Consequently the school could lose a significant inflow of monetary donations.

Abortion exists because our society has failed to meet the needs of women. We want to change that. Abortion is a temporary fix to the immediate problem, but does nothing to address the reasons why a woman was seeking out an abortion in the first place. A pro-choice club would still reinforce the idea of fixing the immediate problem and not finding a solution to underlying roots. Additionally, a pro-choice club would undermine every Benedictine value of which we emulate in their intended context.

For many years, our club has wanted to host a pro-life/pro-choice debate, however, we knew that would be an overwhelming task for the small size of our board. Thankfully, the United Politics Club has taken this on and is able to create a space for dialogue.

We are not really about promoting an anti-abortion agenda.

We do work to serve those who are affected by the underlying reasons for the issue at hand.

We promote an agenda that respects each stage of life. Our question is: what would a pro-choice club offer other than presenting information about choice?

This is the opinion of Hannah Schumacher-Renner, CSB senior and Katie Dockter, CSB junior