By Xinji Tang
[email protected]

Some refute pro-choice based on science, in which scientists’ opinions on when human life begins are so divided. Some say conception makes a unique human life. I do not agree. What makes me a unique human person is my memory: I am still me, with any body part missing, but I will not be the same me without my cognitive functioning or to have mind swapped with others’.

Pro-choice is not taking another living person’s right to life away because it recognizes that the embryos do not yet have the mental or cognitive capabilities to be unique human beings; that is, without memory, they are not unique human beings, in this definition. They, being just embryos, will only be whoever or whatever you name them or make them.

Comparing pro-choice to KKK or neo-Nazism appeals to the lowest common denominator. This argument is indeed so off: KKK or neo-Nazism is about killing all other choices and voices. They try to enforce just one form of thinking, one
ideology, one way of life. I do not understand, how does pro-life qualify for that?

Pro-choice is about opening up a dialogue at CSB/SJU. The question now is whether this school with absolute power is willing to allow this one voice. Even if the pro-choice club was to win approval to have a place on campus, I genuinely believe there would never come a day when pro-choice was to compare the Catholic Church and its teaching to some radical far-right institutions.

A mother gives birth to a baby. The matter should just be as simple as that. A woman chooses to give or not to give. It is her right. It is her choice. It is her decision. It is her tool to speak her voice. If you do not want to see a little human being’s right to life taken away, how could you bear to take her right to her body away?

Also, if the issue was to be as simple as an act of giving, who were we to judge, for being human and living a life took so much more and had many sides to it that we did not see than this mere act of giving birth.

In my opinion, pro-life is an ideal. Pro-choice is also an ideal with no escape at the end of the spectrum. But if, just to say, abortion is so bad that it destroys life, family and humanity, can we at least give a woman a chance to make a mistake, learn and make it right please? By that, we believe that women can judge for
themselves for what they do right or wrong and learn from their mistakes or experiences, rather than beings whose bodies obliges them for birth-giving

Others’ moral judgments, while at the same time their voices are so excluded,
understanding that the rules of the society are still based on a male-centered
perspective. And that is my ideal of pro-choice.

To conclude, if pro-choice has to go, please make pro-voice stay.

This is the opinion of Xinji Tang, SJU senior