By Ally Nelson
[email protected]

Recently a lot of debate and publicity surrounding the issue of a pro-choice club has been prevalent on the CSB/SJU campuses. Students are writing letters,
petitions articles and alumni are becoming involved as well. Many people who are against this club say that it is because CSB/SJU is a Catholic institution and abortion goes against Catholic values. I accept that point of view.

However, I do not, and will not, accept students’ voices being dismissed or silenced. CSB/SJU prides itself in the Benedictine values and supporting all Bennies and Johnnies. If this is what the school promotes, then it needs to follow through and act on that. Everybody must feel welcome here. One should not be told to they need to leave this campus because they have an opposing viewpoint.

Some people have argued that a pro-choice club would be similar to supporting a KKK club or a Neo-Nazi club. I disagree. Abortion is a legal procedure in the United States, it is not something founded on hate for a specific group.

Women who choose to have an abortion do so because it is the best option for them given their individual circumstances. Every situation is different.

That being said, nobody is excited or happy to have an abortion. It is an extremely difficult and highly personal decision that one has to make, and that one often has to go through with a very small support group.

Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. Pro-choice is exactly as it sounds: the right to choose and make decisions for one’s own body. Many people would not wish to have an abortion themselves, but still support the right to choose.

In the Sept. 29 edition of The Record, Fr. Doug Mullin stated in regards to abortion, “Because this issue is so prevalent in society, by the time they’re here they’ve already made up their mind on it.” The educational value of a pro-choice club would be extremely beneficial because if someone is unsure of their stance on the issue, they can get information from both sides rather than just the Students for Life club.

Because this issue is “prevalent in society” and because people may already have strong opinions on it are reasons to have a club.

There should still be a space for open dialogue, because people come to college to learn and converse with others about a variety of topics.

I am fighting for the right to a pro-choice club at CSB/SJU because everybody’s voice should be valued. I am not asking anybody to change their personal beliefs, Catholic or not. I am asking each and every one of you to be open to other points of view.

This is the opinion of Ally Nelson, CSB junior