By Katarina Podewils
[email protected]

CSB/SJU students are egg-cited for Kay’s Kitchen to expand.

St. Joseph’s restaurant Kay’s Kitchen will be expanding its business by opening a new restaurant this January. Located in the Midtown Square Mall on Division Street in Waite Park, the restaurant will focus on serving breakfast and lunch items to its clientele.

Sprouting from its original namesake, the new restaurant will be named Kay’s Midtown Café. The physical restaurant will consist of a kitchen for catering and
serving, a bakery and a dining space.

Currently, the restaurant is under construction and has remodeled much of the original building’s interior.

In order to create its dining space, Kay’s Kitchen owner Tanya Finken said that they had to demo about 12,000 square feet.

“So out of that new location we now have a kitchen that is about four times the size that I have here at Kay’s Kitchen,” Finken said.

Finken also hopes that the new space will better serve its catering and baking demands which have now grown to be approximately 20 percent of Kay’s
Kitchen’s overall sales.

“I’ve always catered out of the other restaurants I’ve previously owned,” Finken said. “However, when I started with Kay’s I didn’t really advertise it. But when people started asking about catering I went ahead and said ‘yeah, let’s do it.’”

Currently, Kay’s Kitchen caters for the daycare Little Saints Academy by serving lunch Monday through Friday for the children as well as caters for other various sized events.

“It’s a lot of corporate [catering],” Finken said. “I would say five days out of seven we are somewhere catering a luncheon or a breakfast.”

Because Kay’s Kitchen had issues staffing its evening shifts, Kay’s Midtown Café plans to be open 6 a.m.-3 p.m. daily rather than staying open late.

Instead of serving dinner, it will focus on serving breakfast and lunch options as well as offering foods similar to Kay’s Kitchen’s popular Saturday and Sunday brunches.

This atmosphere that Kay’s Kitchen expresses is what has attracted students to the business in the first place. And it is what has them hyped for the new restaurant’s opening.

“My mom always went to Kay’s Kitchen when she was at St. Ben’s and I love going there now that I’m a student here,” CSB first-year Jessica Torrison said. “So I’m really excited that they’re experiencing so much success because the restaurant means a lot to my family.”