Dear Editor,

I care deeply about St. Ben’s and St. John’s, and about each individual who comes here.

One of the biggest reasons why is here at CSB/SJU, students have incredible opportunities to discover and engage in their passions. In my time here, I have gotten to do and learn a great deal, and much of that learning has come from the passions and interests of other students.

One of the most significant opportunities that we have to learn from our peers and others is the Gender Summit.

We need to realize that gender issues are men’s issues. As Johnnies and as men, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to learn more about the issues and impacts of gender.

We are called to change our culture, ourselves, and our community to be more inclusive and accepting of all.

Being present at Gender Summit is a great place to start. I hope to see you there.


Danny Gillis ’18
SJU senior