The Record Staff Report

A lawsuit against St. John’s University, which was filed by a former student who claimed he was wrongfully found of sexually assaulting a College of St. Benedict student, was dismissed.

The former student, identified as John Doe, filed the suit in October 2016, claiming that the investigation CSB/SJU conducted was biased and that he didn’t have a fair opportunity to challenge the allegations. He was suspended and has since transferred to another university. SJU asked the court to dismiss all claims.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson granted SJU’s attorneys’ motion to dismiss the claims because the plaintiff did not introduce facts to support his claim. According to the district court’s memorandum and order, the “Plaintiff has failed to plausibly plead any facts to support his claim.”

This decision was made on Oct. 26, 2017.

In the wake of this case, the schools’ joint sexual misconduct policy will remain the same.

“It [the lawsuit] doesn’t affect anything because the case was dismissed with
prejudice, which means they found the suit so completely without substance that it was essentially frivolous,” Fr. Doug Mullin, SJU Vice President of Student Development said. “They [the plaintiff] can never bring it forth again. I see that as a vindication that our policies and processes are strong and
intended to be fair.”