By Katarina Podewils
[email protected]

Alter Boyz, a comedy sketch group on campus, is performing a show at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30 at Stephen B. Humphrey Theater.

The show the group plans to perform will consist of approximately ten skits that all range about five minutes in length. There is an overarching theme that connects the skits all together, and SJU member Zachary Brown explains that the show should appeal to CSB/SJU students.

“We try and write each of our sketches in a way that somehow pertains to St. Ben’s and St. John’s. Some of [the skits] make direct references to places on campus, but some might just take place in a dorm room or at a party,” Brown said.

The group got its start at CSB/SJU the fall of 2015 and has since performed shows annually since the group’s beginnings.

According to CSB senior member Hallie Douglas, the group named itself Alter Boyz not necessarily to be ironic as many assume since CSB/SJU is affiliated to the Catholic tradition.

“From what I’ve been told, we named ourselves Alter Boyz because it alters your
expectations,” Douglas said.

Brown also added that the current group picked up the name Alter Boyz from a sketch group that had dissolved a few years prior named “Altar Boys.” Brown explained that the group decided to keep the name of the original sketch comedy group as a way of picking up where the group left off. However, Alter Boyz
decided to change the spelling of the name to make it appear more original.

“It’s sort of a funny name,” Brown said. “And with the ‘z,’ it kind of seems like we’re trying to be hip. It’s supposed to be a joke in itself.”

Douglas also happens to be the only female member of the Alter Boyz group.

“It is kind of a fun dynamic being the only girl,” Douglas said. “It is interesting to bring in a different female perspective. Especially since I live on the St. Ben’s campus as compared to the St. John’s campus, I get to incorporate my own experiences into the sketches we write.”

Alter Boyz also prides itself as identifying as a sketch group that is witty and tasteful.

“Instead of just blatantly saying things, we will instead try to hint at ideas or make
innuendos out of jokes,” Brown said. “We try to have a little bit of wit.”

Leading up to the performance, the Alter Boyz members have put hours of time into the show. Initially, the group started meeting once or twice a week at the
beginning of the semester. However, now only two weeks before the performance, the group meets almost every day.

In addition, Alter Boyz has utilized its technological sources by not only releasing a trailer for the show via social media, but incorporating sound-bites and videos into its performances.

Even with having three new members this year, the group is optimistic about doing well this upcoming performance.

In addition, Alter Boyz mentions that the group has sketches in the works for next semester and is excited to work together again now that they know their roles and responsibilities better.

Gabe Johnson, Hallie Douglas, Zach Brown, Richard Swanson and Aidan Cassidys (pictured left to right) are the current members of Alter Boyz this semester.