Dear Editor,

I was recently disturbed by the opinion piece “The Record staff should be compensated for work” by Samuel Butterfass that was published in the Oct. 13 edition of The Record. I feel like there is a need for more clarity as to why The Record staff does not receive compensation for their efforts.

The bottom line is that The Record is a club and clubs can only give students stipends out of their generated funds. I am sure it is true that those involved with The Record do spend a significant amount of time creating a great publication, but don’t the members of other clubs also put in time and energy into their clubs as well?

It is the unfortunate reality that our institutions are not able to monetarily compensate members of clubs for their efforts. While students may not be monetarily compensated for their work for clubs they are a part of, they are compensated through the experiences that they gain by participating in clubs.

Additionally, people should be involved in clubs on campus because they truly have a passion for the topic, not a paycheck from the school.

Finally, The Record could compensate all of its editors and writers. As mentioned in the Oct. 13 opinion, the editors of The Record do receive a stipend. There are no Co-Funding Board guidelines that would prevent The Record from amending its constitution to give a stipend to its writers or photographers. The simple reality of the matter is that the editors do not want to see their piece of the pie get sliced too thin.


David Peterson ’18
SJU senior