Dear Editor, 

In my years on Senate, one thing has remained constant: housing complaints. Students typically view housing as their number one concern with the St. John’s experience.

However, when finally presented with an opportunity to voice their concerns, only 12 Johnnies showed up to the housing forum with outside consultants.

The outside consultants are a step in the right direction for the school, as administrators are finally listening to concerns and putting real plans in front of students and trying to get feedback for the housing that will likely be on campus for the next 50 years. The forum was an opportunity to have a real impact on the future of St. John’s.

However, it was disappointing to see so few Johnnie show up to the forum. It makes the concerns of many students seem invalid if they cannot even go to a short forum to finally make their voices heard.

Johnnies, we need your voice to make sure desirable housing is developed.

Luckily, there is another opportunity for Johnnies to show they care about  housing. On Tuesday, Oct. 31, the consultants will be back at SJU. Johnnies need to make themselves available for this meeting; otherwise, the housing plans could end up not reflecting the wants and needs of the students that want new housing options.

This is our opportunity to make a lasting mark on campus, do not squander it.

Zach Eichten ‘18
SJU senior