Dear Editor,

In last week’s issue of The Record, I was disappointed when I saw the article “Students continue attempts to start Pro-Choice Club” about students at CSB/SJU pushing for a pro-choice club on campus.

The proponents of such a club argue that since the university sanctions a pro-life club, a pro-choice club should be allowed to provide a diversity of opinion. The fact that CSB and SJU is a Catholic Benedictine institution seems to go right over their heads.

The Catholic Church always has and will always be against abortion. This is a fact that is made very clear by the Church. For CSB/SJU to approve the presence of a pro-choice club on campus would be going directly against their Catholic values, the values upon which the universities were founded.

Diversity of thought and opinion is a desirable thing, but asking a Catholic university to approve and fund a club that so directly contradicts its values is just disrespectful.

If having a pro-choice club was so important for your college experience, attending a Catholic university was not a good decision.

Please be respectful of the values that this institution holds dear.

Paul Franta ‘20
SJU sophomore