By Hayden Stensgard
[email protected]

In 1974, the 37th president of the Unites States, Richard Nixon, resigned after being under investigation for the Watergate Scandal. Many thought that the American people lost all their hope and trust in the Republican Party. They thought they may never see a Republican president again. In 1980,
Ronald Reagan surprised the United States by winning the election over incumbent Jimmy Carter. He defied the odds and gained the trust of the American people back after the fall of Nixon. In 2020, or maybe even sooner, we could likely see the fall of Donald Trump.

President Trump calls himself a conservative in chief. Conservative podcast host and Editor of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro says, “I will never vote for Donald Trump because I stand with certain principles. I stand with small government and free markets and religious freedom and personal responsibility. Donald Trump stands against all of these things… I stand with conservatism. Donald Trump stands against it.”

Trump has been called by several others as not a conservative or someone who does not stand with the GOP. Putting someone like him in office under the
Republican Party means that they will pay for whatever happens during this presidency. Now not everything he has done has been a mistake. But Trump has been all over the place in his first 9 months. Things could change if he makes changes himself, such as not being so worried about name calling or tweeting everything he thinks. Acting like Reagan or John F. Kennedy will allow him to gain respect among his critics.

Now as Hurricane Donald is in full effect, everyone is waiting for the worst, taking
shelter from the storm and bracing for something awful for him to do. I am a registered Republican and a supporter of the GOP. All I can think of is what could happen, and how much better off the Republican Party would have been if the people went with John Kasich, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. I fear that the U.S. may see a little bit of déjà vu coming in the future.

In 1933, President Herbert Hoover left office and 20 years of Democratic reign. The Great Depression happened under Hoover and the American people needed a change.

America will need a change after the hurricane passes. All this means is that the Republican Party made a mistake giving their name to Trump. It may be a while until there is another Republican in The White House again.

Unless President Trump makes unbelievable strides soon, another decade of Democrats is peaking out on the horizon ahead. Hurricane Donald has only just begun.

This is the opinion of Hayden Stensgard, SJU junior