By Meredith Jarchow
[email protected]

During our Sunday night budget meetings when the editors meet to discuss what stories will be covered in the upcoming week’s issue, we like to give CSB and SJU equal coverage. That is not always possible depending on what is going on around campus, but we try our best to have equal coverage. But the past few weeks, The Record has been lacking in one specific area: the opinion section.

Unlike the other sections where editors assign stories to writers, we rely on submissions from students, faculty and alumni for opinion submissions.
Recently, the Bennie voice has been almost nonexistent in the opinion section.

For the fall semester we have had five issues so far, including the one you are reading right now. In those issues, Johnnies have written 19 of the opinion pieces, and Bennies have only written seven opinion pieces.
That’s not to say that I don’t value our submissions from our Johnnies-I do. Without their submissions our opinion section would be nonexistent.

But as editor-in-chief and a Bennie, I think we can do better.

I’m often approached by Bennie friends and classmates who suggest different things that The Record should cover, or are passionate about a current
issue on campus, locally or on the national scale. When I suggest they write an opinion for The Record, they usually shrug their shoulders and respond with something along the lines of “yeah, I don’t really know, it’s not that big of a deal.”

I’m here to tell you it is a big deal.

Bennies, if there’s something you want to say, something you think the campus should know about, write. Tell us why we should care, tell us what’s being done wrong or tell us something we aren’t aware of.

I understand that Bennies are busy women. Sometimes it’s hard to find time between classes, work, extracurricular activities and taking care of yourself. I get that. But if you don’t speak up, who will?

The opinion and editorial sections are tools to help promote dialogue on campus and address issues. In the Sept. 29 issue of The Record, there was an opinion piece by Emily Renteria about the diversity gap; the following week, SJU President Michael Hemesath responded to her piece with a letter to the editor.

This small detail may not seem important to most, but it is the bigger picture that
matters. Administration notices the opinion section, as well as your professors and peers. The opinion section can be your platform.

In addition, for the past few issues there has been a back and forth between students in the opinion and editorial sections about the school’s decision not to have a pro-choice club on campus. This constructive dialogue between peers is
important, and is the goal of The Record.

I challenge you, the Bennies of our campus, to submit an opinion piece or letter to the editor. I challenge you to raise the important questions, discuss the issues of today and let your voice be heard.

This is the opinion of Meredith Jarchow, CSB senior and editor-in-chief of The Record