PHOTO COURTESY OF SAID THE SKY’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE • The ’17 Fall Concert artist is Said The Sky (above), an EDM DJ. He matches the atmosphere JEC looks for in an artist.

By Charly Frisk
[email protected]

On Saturday, Oct. 28, this year’s Fall Concert will begin at 9 p.m. at the Haehn Campus Center (HCC). An electronic DJ named Said the Sky headlines the show, featuring the electric dance music (EDM) duo HRMNY.

The Joint Event Council (JEC), who hosts the concert, had one goal for fall of 2017.

“Our whole mentality in planning this concert was: do it differently,” senior Jonathan First, Executive Chair of Concerts of the JEC, said.

This year’s concert is different.

The concert brings a new genre. Though CSB/SJU have hosted a variety of musical talents, the school rarely hosts artists who are members of the electronic genre.

In 2016 JEC broke the genre’s silence, hosting Electric Pines. After JEC spent time reviewing the high attendance record for the previous event, they decided that choosing another electronic artist would be successful.

However, introducing a new electronic genre presented some challenges for JEC. Knowing that many of the students are not as familiar with the scene, JEC set out to find an artist that would be able to appeal to a broad audience.

Then, it was as if the sky spoke.

As they began reviewing and deciding artists, the they found that the artist Said the Sky not only met all of the requirements; but most importantly matched the atmosphere that they were trying to achieve.

“Said the Sky is very welcoming. His whole vibe and mentality is about just spreading love and being happy; especially in times where there might be a lot of division just coming together to enjoy some of the finer and better things in life. You can’t let the music get between people and form distances between people – you just get to share it together,” Executive Chair of Concerts of Joint Events Council senior Jacob Sterling said.

However, despite Said the Sky’s inviting aura, some students are skeptical. First-year Ryan Houseman remains unsure whether he will attend the concert on Saturday.

“I don’t really listen to EDM, and I don’t think a lot of other people have either,” Houseman said.

Recognizing the challenge of the electronic genre, the JEC aims to create an inclusive atmosphere that immerses all people from ravers to strangers into the music at the concert.

“It’s a good fit for people who maybe don’t know the genre or don’t know of him. Someone that you can just go listen to and hear their music, you can also sing along, you can just dance, and it basically fits what people are looking for if they want to go to a concert,” First said.

The concert seeks to break creative boundaries with new elements to reinforce the idea of inclusivity. Pairing audio with visual elements, the production team will create an atmosphere that providing versatility as the experience plans to attract a variety of audiences to get lost in the music.

The concert invites audiences to this immersion, free of charge to students.
The Joint Events Council aimed appeal to an audience financially.

“This way you don’t have to spend money on something you don’t know what you are getting into. You just get to go — see if you like it and have a new experience,” Sterling said.

In addition to providing a unique originality to the fall concert, the music will also be sticking to its roots.

The opener, HRMNY, is a local band from the CSB/SJU campus.

One part SJU student (senior Cole Timko) and one part SJU graduate, (Alex Schmitt ’16), the dynamic duo has been posting produced music on the platform SoundCloud since this past July.

The unique concert this year will provide an opportunity for students to explore EDM music.