By Elliot Olson
[email protected]

“It’s not just what he does, it’s how he does it.”

Jackson Erdmann; devoted Lutheran, Mary 2 RA, Stranger Things enthusiast. In his free time he studies and plays big brother to 62 giddy, lost-in-the-sauce first-years. He is also the starting quarterback of the St. John’s football team.

The latter statement came as a surprise to me. He couldn’t be a football player. Too humble. Too nice. Too… into Harry Potter. Not who you would expect to be the engineer behind the imposing and versatile Johnnie offense.

Of course, I mean this in the best way possible, but he’s just different. Try making friends with the starting quarterback of the Minnesota Gophers. Or heck, the third-string quarterback of the St. Thomas football team.

Chances are, neither of them have much time for you. They’re too busy making cutoffs and mixing protein shakes (blatant stereotyping, I know). That simply isn’t Erdmann. He is deadly on the field, crazy efficient. Off of it, though, he is just as good.

The Johnnies are lucky to have a leader like Erdmann. But, as he would say, one player can’t shine alone. Our offense is deep and dynamic. Our defense is savage. There are a plethora of players that show up and work every day that may not even see the field come Saturday. All of the players that I have met have shared many of the qualities that make Erdmann so likable. They are simply good people. They don’t make statements with their talk, but with their work ethic. They are different.

Erdmann is different. His teammates are different. Our program is different.

Because of the different actions of these ordinary men, I’m proud to stand behind our football team.

Skol Johnnies.

This is the opinion of SJU first-year Elliot Olson