Dear Editor,

This weekend, tens of thousands of guests will visit Target Field to celebrate community, sportsmanship and the legendary Johnnie Tommie
rivalry. As we look forward to game day, please be mindful that our individual and collective actions will have a powerful influence on the perception of our community.

Before the game, please be prepared for the influx of people to Target Field and any difficulties which may come with the crowds. The policies of Target Field are different than those of Clemens Field, and we ask the community’s understanding and respect of those policies.

During the game on Saturday, we have the opportunity to show the world what it means to be a Bennie and a Johnnie, and behavior will determine the norm for future members of the student body. We ask each Bennie and Johnnie to strive for an excellent standard of conduct, being appropriate and respectful in our chants, clothing and behavior.

The incredible reputation that CSB/SJU embodies is a result of our respectful, hospitable, and caring community. Former alumni and future students are looking up to you, the students, to present ourselves in a fun, energetic, respectful manner.

We encourage students to rise to the challenge this weekend and to celebrate this rivalry responsibly so that all members and guests at the game can have a weekend we can positively reflect upon for years to come. Thank you all and go Johnnies!


Mary Catherine Steenberge

President, SBS

CSB senior


Jack Cummings

President, SJS

SJU senior