“Our view” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the institutional voice of The Record.

By Meredith Jarchow, Sean Kelly, Brett Zallek and Nick Swanson

As students are settling into their class schedules and first-years are learning their way around campus, it can only mean one thing: The Record’s first issue is here. Welcome back.

We are a student newspaper, but one of our enduring goals of the editorial board is to strive for the same journalistic integrity of major publications such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. Our biggest challenge is often producing journalism and not crossing into the realm of public relations.

Public relations, when done well, is clean cut. The goal is to make a group, company or institution look good, to put it simply.

Journalism is messier than that. It includes tracking down both sides of the story, and holding members of our community accountable. Our job at The Record involves taking an objective, well-rounded approach to the issues that matter to our campuses.

That is not to say that we are perfect.

At CSB/SJU, we often pride ourselves on being an interconnected campus. While this often has a positive influence on student life, it can become an obstacle in producing an unbiased paper. We try our best to hold ourselves to high journalistic standards. We hope that you—the reader—will do so too.

We hope that you will write a Letter to the Editor under our Readers’ Letters section when you feel that The Record has fallen short. We believe that this open line of communication and transparency will make us better journalists and consequently we will have a more informed campus.

The Record is more than just 11 students staying up until 4 a.m. on Wednesday nights. This is your paper, too. We are simply a vehicle to deliver the news in the hopes that we will foster dialogue among the members of our community.

So write to us. Tell us what is wrong on campus. Tell us what is right. We want to hear your side of the story.