By Cullen Trobec
[email protected]

Alcuin Library is back and fully open following the completion of the Dietrich Reinhart Learning Commons, a roughly 20,000 square foot addition that follows last year’s renovation of Alcuin’s main building.

The Learning Commons includes a plethora of new and improved resources for both students and visiting scholars. Students can now enjoy new group study spots, an outdoor terrace and St. John’s newest coffeehouse: The Schu. Alsofeatured are two new classrooms, a media lab and equipment rentals for the media arts.

Central to the new space is the goal of group discussion and collaboration.

“We were thoughtful about designing the existing Alcuin and the Learning Commons to have spaces where people don’t feel constrained whenhaving conversations,” CSB/SJU Director of Libraries, Media and Archives Kathleen Parker said. “We really want this place to be student-centered instead of book-centered.”

Reception from students has been positive. One of the only Commons-related hiccups has been confusion over the new Link stop located just outside of the building’s east entrance. Based on the current schedule, the Link stops at the Learning Commons on weekdays on the :45 of each hour, but only after 5:30 p.m. The schedule change caused some confusion for returning students who were accustomed to the previous Sexton-only stops of last year.

“I don’t like it because there’s no indication of when the bus will be at Alcuin on the Link App or on the TV by Johnnie Java,” sophomore Jack Cassidy said. “It definitely could have been communicated better. I missed the bus twice.”

Students with further questions about the Link schedule are encouraged to visit the transportation page on the CSB/SJU website.

PHOTOS BY SAMUEL BUTTERFASS • [email protected] • Students have a new place to study in the Learning Commons, with a convenient location next to the new coffee shop, the Schu. Students can also enjoy relaxing views while studying.