By Jack Colleran – [email protected]

Growing up with siblings can be a pain. You are left battling for all the crucial necessities: your own room, money from your parents and of course, the family car. Now, just imagine if you were one of three. That’s right, a triplet. Better yet, imagine that you all decided to attend the same college. For some here at CSB/SJU, this is a reality.


“The funny thing is that before we started touring colleges, my sisters and I had a plan that we would go to separate colleges. That’s the opposite of what happened and I’m happy it turned out that way because I love sharing a campus with my sisters,” said Rachel Sharp, a sophomore at CSB.

Multiple students here at CSB/SJU are in fact triplets. Others split-up by their decisions after high school, but some who all live here at the same institutions. To the non-triplet members of our community, many questions come to mind. Usually, the most prying of all is, “how do you all get along living on campus with each other?”

“We all had great relationships with each other before coming to SJU and those relationships have continued. This is not to say that we get along with each other all of the time but I would say that overall we all get along well,” said Chris Pathoulas, a sophomore at SJU.

According to Pathoulas, him and his brothers tend to fight just like any other siblings do. Surprisingly, it would seem that living on the same campus as your triplets doesn’t drive you toward insanity, any more than any other sibling relationship.


Both Sharp and Pathoulas mentioned that they all are able to live independently from one another despite the small campuses. However, for the Pathoulas brothers, there is an added challenge because they are identical triplets.

For the Sharp sisters, this isn’t a worry considering they are fraternal. However, some students may wonder why after years of living together, triplets end up choosing to go to the same college together.

According to Sharp, she and her sisters all were set to go to separate colleges but then all ended up deciding on St. Ben’s. While for some students, this is an unimaginable reality, Rachel likes to think it has helped their relationships overall as sisters.

“If anything, our relationship has just gotten stronger because we are more independent, but also we’re closer,” said Sharp.

Feature photo: RACHEL KETZ•[email protected]