By Gabe Hance – [email protected]

The 2017-18 St. John’s Senate held their first meeting at 9:20 p.m. on Monday, May 1 in Brother Willie’s Pub. They heard from presenters and passed four motions.

First, the Senate was addressed by SJU Dining Services Director, Doug Klunk. Klunk spoke of menu upgrades for next fall and discussed the opening of the new coffee shop in Alcuin library in the fall semester. The new shop will have more food and snack options. The representative expects a slight increase in meal prices for the Reef and are considering a delivery service through Sexton.

Next, St. John’s senior Dave Peterson asked the Senate for allocations for Outdoor University. The organization is looking to sponsor deer hunters for next fall’s season in the Arboretum by subsidizing the registration and application fees. The Senate allocated $500 for Outdoor University after passing the motion 15-0-1.

Men’s Development Institute (MDI) next approached the Senate. The two representatives first thanked the Senate for their support of MDI’s efforts to raise awareness for abused children in April. MDI then asked for $1,250 of allocations of their third​ annual sand volleyball tournament and emergency fund for next fall. The allocations were passed 16-0-0.

Senate Leadership Experience (SLE) then approached SJS asking for $2,100 in allocations for next fall’s first-years interested in Senate. SLE will provide representation for the first-year class, volunteer opportunities and allow SLE members to shadow current St. John’s senators. The allocation was amended to $700 and then motion passed 13-1-2.

President Jack Cummings then approached the Senate asking for $1,240 of allocations to pay for registration and traveling fees of the annual Presidential Leadership Summit held in Washington, D.C. The conference brings student governments from around the country. The allocation was increased to $1,360 and then passed.

The next SJS meeting will be held at 9:20 p.m., Sept. 4 in Brother Willie’s Pub.