By Mary Catherine Steenberge and Jack Cummings
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Hello everyone, as your new presidents of the St. Ben’s and St. John’s Senates, we would like to offer some words of encouragement before we embark on finals week.

As we all know, finals week can be a very stressful time. It is in these times of exams, papers and presentations that it is most important to keep your end goal in mind, be it a career, graduation or something else, and know that this is a step to
achieving that goal. We have often found that a clear vision of the future eases the distress of the present.

It is also easy to lose sight of your own well-being in this last week. As important as it is to be prepared for your finals, it is equally important to take care of yourself. By caring for yourself, you will be able to create higher-quality work and perform
better, which is more than ample justification to take a little “me time.” Find small ways to relax, such as strolling through the Arboretum, treating yourself to a specialty drink from The Perk or Johnnie Java or taking some time to chat with your friends. You’ll thank yourself later.

For those seniors graduating: we wish you the best of luck with your time after college. We are sorry to see you go, but we know that there are great things in store for your futures, and we look forward to hearing about the journeys you are plunging into.

For those of you who are returning in the fall: we will be thrilled to see you on campus for another productive year. Take this summer break to recuperate and rejuvenate and bring this regained energy back to campus when you return. We hope that you will seek out ways to reengage with this special community that is unique to CSB/SJU so that we may all continue to grow together.

As your presidents, we will work diligently this summer to prepare for the coming year. We have identified inclusivity as one of the priorities of the student body, and we will engage in the creation of a welcoming atmosphere in which each voice on campus may be heard. We also will promote a healthy campus dialogue with constructive debate that leads to learning and a greater mutual understanding as
opposed to destructive disputes that lead to hostility and alienation.

Finish the semester strong, keeping in mind a few Benedictine values: Dignity of Work, Moderation and Stability.

If you have questions, concerns or recommendations, do not hesitate to reach out either the St. John’s Senate or the St. Ben’s Senate, and we will do our best to address your needs.

This is the opinion of Mary Catherine Steenberge and Jack Cummings, CSB/SJU student senate presidents