Dear Editor,

I appreciated last week’s “Our View” regarding the consistent lack of Johnnie participation compared to Bennies. Although I’ve noticed this to be a trend and an issue that needed to be addressed, I believe there could have been a more convincing message to support your argument while also setting realistic expectations for both CSB and SJU students.

That being said, I encourage Bennies and Johnnies to find one or two things they are passionate about. For me, it has been CSB athletics and writing for various publications including The Record, CSB Office of Marketing and Communications, Times Media and other freelance contracts. We should recognize the importance of filling our schedules with the things we love—not the activities we feel obliged to participate in.

If you don’t plan on stepping up in leadership roles on campus, I urge students to participate in events on campus— even if that means just showing up. I’ve particularly enjoyed attending events sponsored by Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), Health Advocates, Institute of Women’s Leadership (IWL) and the McCarthy Center. Each of these campus clubs and organizations has welcomed conversations I would have otherwise not engaged in and through my attendance at these events, I became well versed in several areas including unequal pay, salary negation, health and fitness, sex education, economic policy and philanthropy.

My message for the students of our schools is not centered around involving yourself in every club on campus. In fact, many of my favorite memories have come from Johnnie football games, Sunday brunch at Gorecki and weekends spent at Sal’s with my best friends. Still, I do believe there is a way to do both.

Anne Dittberner ‘17 CSB senior