Dear Editor,

Two weeks ago, I visited campus to attend Mass at the Abbey Church and go to Bo Diddley’s for lunch. I picked up a copy of The Record to look over as I consumed my turkey sandwich and I noticed the argument about whether or not to live on campus. (Some things never change.)

I lived on campus all four years, and now seven years after graduating, I can assure you that I was completely prepared for “the real world” even though I lived in the protective bubble of St. John’s campus.

I understand the financial argument for living off-campus, but I’d caution students to not be too hasty to move on from the residential life community of CSB/SJU. I currently live in an eight-unit apartment building just outside of Minneapolis. I’ve been there a year, but I don’t even know all my neighbors’ names. Most of the people in my building are content to scurry in and out with just merely a “Hi.” It makes me sad that I don’t have the freedom to visit a roommate at 1 a.m to shoot the breeze or stay in the Reef for hours on end. You have your whole life to live in crappy apartments and navigate the world of paying bills.

Savor your community as CSB/SJU.

Nick Hansen  ’10
SJU Alumnus