Miranda Olson – [email protected]

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen the SJU-based media group SSQTCH’s videos. They are clear-cut with unique angles and capture different events on and off campus. As someone who appreciates their work, I was so excited to see St. John’s University Athletics share a video made by SSQTCH. Instantly, when I started watching the video I knew it was an extremely smart move by SJU to incorporate SSQTCH to help with advertising.

However, after watching a video made about this “community,” I couldn’t help but feel a little concerned about the video that captured “15 sports, 1 community,” even though they were missing half of the community—Bennies.

I reached out to CSB Athletic Director, CSB head coaches and members of SSQTCH media.

After speaking with SSQTCH, I was relieved to find out that SSQTCH would be happy to work with CSB athletics; they just haven’t received interest. With that being said, I have a meeting with the CSB Athletic Director and Director of Campus Recreation to talk about their thoughts and concerns about the SSQTCH video. I am aware that CSB Athletics has made videos in the past couple years about athletics, but many teams were left out of the previous one CSB Athletics had someone else produce. I would love to see CSB sports get as much hype about our athletes, and with SSQTCH’s video at 52,000 views and counting, I think that it would be a smart move by CSB Athletics.

Historically, women in sports don’t get nearly as much coverage as men. I understand that SSQTCH was hired by SJU Athletics to create this video, but I think that, as a community, we need to set the same standard on how we frame each campus. I understand we are “Johnnie Football” and “Johnnie Red,” but we can’t forget about the student-athletes at CSB.

I’m a senior, I have thirty-some days left at CSB/ SJU, but I am hoping that Bennies and Johnnies will agree with me that we need to start paying more respect and tribute to our Bennie athletes. The amount of work, dedication and skills Bennie athletes put into their individual sports is definitely worth a video, and I hope that as an alumna, I see a SSQTCH video about CSB athletics pop up somewhere on my Facebook feed.

This is the opinion of Miranda Olson, CSB senior