Suntina Spehar – [email protected]

The reemergence of songbirds, the lengthening of days, the sweet smell of spring and of course, track season. The spring semester is such a beautiful time of the school year. There is nothing better than living on an amazing campus such as ours and watching the trees bloom and the grass turn green. Even the squirrels come out to say “hello.” In the fall semester, we see the degrading of all of these wonderful things. The trees turn bare, the grass fades into a deadly brown, and, keeping our West-Coast friends in mind, it gets frigidly cold.

The spring semester allows for people to experience the cold for a short time, but then emerge into the summer season with beautiful colors and cute critters running around (and did I mention it is perfect ‘mocking season?)

Not only does spring semester provide some of the best months of the calendar year, it reminds us, as students, that we only have a few more weeks until a huge breather, summer break, where fall semester only allows us a few weeks to take some “me time.”

When I think of the spring semester coming, it excites me because I think about all of the wonderful summer opportunities I will have, and the advancement toward my college career and the opportunities that come along with it.

This is the opinion of Suntina Spehar, CSB first-year

Halie Nettleton – [email protected]

Golden, red, bright orange leaves falling over the pathways of St. John’s. It’s no contest— fall all the way. Fall semester is a time to fall back into the rhythms of being on campus and reuniting with friends after crazy, eventful summers.

The slow progression of the gorgeous summer weather to the brisk fall mornings, and finally those first flakes of snow that aren’t old news yet—the ones we can still enjoy for a while.

Spirits are high and motivation is too. It’s no contest, after a full year, the end of spring semester is such a drag. And while spring semester does end with the sweet bliss of spring weather, it’s always delightfully satisfying to head home for the coziness of a homey Christmas break after fall semester.

Buying coffee on campus and spending nights out on the lake before it freezes over are fantastic, and with none of the spring mud and slush to fear. Fall semester is a time for new beginnings in the college world, and beats spring any day.

This is the opinion of Halie Nettleton, CSB senior