By Laura Precourt – [email protected]

At the April 5 St. Ben’s Senate meeting, several students and groups presented and received funds.

CSB junior Hosanna Fortmeyer and senior Megan Myers reported on food waste at Gorecki Dining. They reported on the four waste weigh-ins that were conducted at Gorecki during dinnertime. A total of 202 lbs of wasted food was recorded over the four nights. Examining the results, the two shared that they gradually saw food waste go down.

First-years, Tracy Magooba, Paola Popoca and Amiro Elmi asked for $1,260 to attend the Public Leadership Education Network Seminar held in Washington D.C. The seminar focuses on women in global policy. The motion for $1,260 failed 5-11-0. The motion was amended to $756, to only cover travel expenses. This motion passed 16-0-0.

CSB junior Mary Esker and a group of women from ROTC presented on the Kansas University Ranger Buddy Competition. They asked for $360 for the competition for food and travel. This motion failed 0-16-0 because the Senate did not want to cover food expenses in addition to travel. The motion was amended to $310. This motion passed 16-0-0.

Senator Miranda Olson discussed the potential of making a SSQTCH video for CSB athletics after the release of the SJU athletics video by SSQTCH.

Senator Catherine Steenberge presented on the Sustainability Week events. She discussed the upcoming Sustainability Fair.

Senator Sarah Berry reported 89 Bennies signed up for Bennie Day of Service, a day where Bennies sign up to help with services projects in St. Joseph.

Senator Zelda Wear presented on the success of the Bennie Ball this year. The event was moved into the fieldhouse because of record numbers.

The next meeting of the St. Ben’s Senate will be held at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12 in Gorecki 120.

By Gabriel Hance – [email protected]

The April 3 St. John’s Senate meeting featured presentations from student groups and included allocations.

First, students attending the Hmong National Development Conference in Milwaukee later this month presented and requested $269. The money would cover admission costs, travel, sleeping accommodations and food.

The St. John’s Senate unanimously funded the $269.

Sixteen students from CSB/SJU will attend the conference. The conference is held biannually and promotes leaders in the Asian community and the professional development of students from across the country.

The conference also includes guest speakers from the Hmong community. Students from CSB/SJU will also be participating in small group table discussing and ways to promote Hmong culture through education, advocacy and representation  and research, health, wellness and arts. The St. Ben’s Senate had previously allocated $3,513.62 for CSB student expenses.

Lastly, ROTC Cadet and SJU junior Matt Hobby approached the SJU senate asking for $600 funds for the annual Kansas University Ranger Buddy Competition held in Kansas this weekend. The funds will go toward gas, rooming and meals for the 18 competitors. Hobby and other cadets have also started a GoFundMe page and asked alumnae/i for funds. Hobby and other cadets over saw the ten week training period for the 18 competitors going to Kansas.

Sophomore senator Brendan Klein made a motion to amend the allocation from $600 to $1,000 arguing that if the cadets’ GoFundMe and alumnae/i connections were unable to produce funds the senate should assist the team. Klein’s motion was seconded by chairman Muqkadeen Poole. The amendment passed 9-7-0. The new motion to allocate $1,000 to ROTC passed unanimously 16-0-0.

The next meeting of the St. John’s senate will be at 9:20 p.m. on April 10 in Br. Willie’s Pub.