Grace Kilgore – [email protected]

New plans are potentially on the horizon for Sexton Dining Services.

Numerous changes, such as modifications to the current menu and outdoor additions, are now in the works. Though not much has been solidified about the menu changes, the idea of extending Sexton Commons outdoors is a concept many are excited about. According to Sexton Commons Manager Julie Neuwirth, the ideal vision includes a vast outdoor terrace with large amounts of seating and elements of fire, water and nature throughout for CSB/SJU students to enjoy.

Sexton Commons released a survey for students to complete. Survey results showed that students were only moderately satisfied with the offerings at Sexton. Healthier food options, new food selections and innovative protein-centered products were a few prominent suggestions made by CSB/SJU students.

“I think it is a great idea and will give Sexton a fresh look,” SJU student and Sexton Dining Services worker Evan Clark said. “It was just time for a change in Sexton. It will probably make Sexton the best hangout spot on campus and that will just translate to people meeting new people and everyone getting closer as a community.”

Revamping Sexton may come as a surprise to many students, as the vision has not been widely talked about yet.

“I am not aware of any renovations they are planning on doing in the future, however I have noticed subtle changes within Sexton Commons, such as new furniture and decor,” CSB junior Mariah Williams said. “I think revamping the menu would be a great idea to provide more options for students on campus. I love the outdoor seating provided at Centennial Commons; it would be cool if something were to be created along those lines.”

Feedback isn’t the sole reason behind Sexton’s potential revival.

“New management and a fresh set of eyes sparked this need for change,” Neuwirth said. “Opportunities abound within every organization to improve operations, improve service and reduce costs. You just have to keep looking for them.”

“The new revival would provide a more sophisticated social atmosphere, events and entertainment opportunities. It would provide students, staff and alumni a gathering place to enjoy one another’s company. To relax, socialize and enjoy being together,” Neuwirth said.

Though these plans are exciting for staff and students, no official plans have been made. Neuwirth says they have a vision and will carefully plan and methodically work toward it.

Design proposals are hoped to be made within the next 12 to 24 months, with the goal of making this dream an actual reality.

“The space we occupy at Sexton Commons is architecturally beautiful; it has an immense amount of potential and we wish to enhance that beauty, inside and out,” Neuwirth said.

Although Sexton’s revival is in its beginning stages, many positive responses have been voiced by students.

“We wish to provide our customers with a higher level of quality and a more satisfying experience,” Neuwirth said.