By Michael Swearingen – [email protected]
Both the St. John’s and St. Ben’s Senate debated the issue of whether to allocate a sum total of $1,800 for the purpose of funding the presence of additional law enforcement on “Case Day.” However, only the CSB senate decided to issue funding for this purpose.

SJU Senate President Ramond Mitchell explained that the St. John’s Senate voted against the motion due to concerns with using student activity dollars to fund the extra law enforcement.
Other senators believed that the senate should find alternative means of solving “Case Day” issues.
CSB Senate President Elizabeth Erickson stated that the St. Ben’s Senate also struggled with the ethics of allocating student dollars for the purpose of adding law enforcement. They did, however, decide to pass the motion to allocate $900 for that purpose.
“This was not a decision that we rushed into lightly, but was the result of rigorous discussion that was sensitive to the many concerns that are associated with such a funding request,” Erickson said.
Both presidents stressed that, as the “Case Day” event grows in size and popularity, the senates will be looking to solve any issues that arise for both campuses and the St. Joseph community.