Dear Editor,

Welcome to the CSB and SJU Alum Associations’ Corner!

This is the first of what we hope will be many spotlights in The Record. We intend to use this space to share valuable information about Alum Associations’ happenings.

The four years you spend on campus as a Bennie and Johnnie prepare you for a lifelong Bennie/Johnniehood. What awaits you after graduation is this amazing community of alumnae/i, ready to engage you in continuing your relationship with CSB/SJU. We are here for you. So let’s get acquainted.

Who are we? The CSB and SJU Alumnae/i Associations are two large and ever growing groups of alums whose missions are to maintain connections among graduates and with our schools. Each association is guided by separate Alum Boards and Institutional Alum Relations staffs. Many alums volunteer their time and talents to provide leadership for traditional alum events, such as the new joint homecomings and reunions, as well as several alum and student related signature events throughout each year.

The Alum Associations also work to promote philanthropy among graduates in an effort to support current student scholarships. Did you know that 100 percent of the CSB Annual Fund and SJU Student Fund donations go toward current student scholarships? CSB/SJU alum donors play a big role in advancing the education of so many students. Stewarding future Bennies and Johnnies is an important part of our mission. Staying connected via a strong professional network is another way we nurture our shared history at CSB/SJU. Indeed, it is a lifelong relationship.

Every graduate is automatically a member of the Alum Association. You are welcomed at your graduations. It is our hope to keep you up to date on alum happenings as you move closer to becoming one of us: proud Bennie and Johnnie Alums.

Here’s a peek at one of our current projects: Reunion 2017 on June 23-25. This will be the third joint reunion, and we are so excited to move ahead with the planning. CSB and SJU hold a reunion every June with a special emphasis on celebrating milestone years beginning with the fifth year and advancing every five years up to the 60th (and beyond) graduates. That means that every June both campuses have events scheduled for all ages. Attendance has grown every year as it is a long-standing tradition to gather with classmates on our beautiful campuses. Registration opened for alums in early March. Be sure to nudge your parents to attend if they are alums celebrating a milestone year.

The CSB and SJU Alum Board members are also eager to celebrate upcoming graduates at the Senior Banquets on April 23. This is a cherished tradition where we have the pleasure of welcoming soon-to-be alums into the Alumnae/i Associations. It marks the next chapter of their connection to CSB/SJU while celebrating their achievements as proud Bennies and Johnnies. Seniors, please plan to attend so we can applaud you.

The CSB and SJU Alum Associations