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Let’s be honest, spring break cannot come soon enough. Said everyone ever.

We are all ready to begin packing suitcases instead of knowledge for midterms.

In the words of the NBC show Parks and Recreation, it is time to “treat yo’ self.”

Some of us will be heading home, others on Alternative Break Experiences and warm climates. But wherever we are going, chances are we will be happy. Happy to sleep in, see friends and most importantly, wear short sleeves.

So whether you are cruising the waves in Cabo or surfing the channels at home, save some room to treat yourself right. It might matter more than one would expect.

But why? Why should we treat ourselves, you might ask?

As obvious as this might sound, rest is important. It is hard to keep going 100 miles an hour 24/7. Let us try to use an apt analogy for why breaks matter.

Imagine you are a car (obviously a sports car). Cars need to stop at gas stations to continue on their journey. But every once in awhile a car needs to have some serious repairs. When a car has been on the road for a long time (let’s say about eight weeks, because we are the cars) it tends to get worn out. We can keep driving but there is a chance that we might get overheated or blow a tire from being worn-out. But having a check-up that replenishes our oil and gives us new tires allows us to run as smooth as before.

Breaks are a lot like changing oil and getting new tires. When we are worn-out or needing some refreshed energy, breaks are there to save the day. It only makes sense.

So this break let’s enjoy the wonders of the world, the thrill of volunteering and being with family. We need the energy after the exhausting eight weeks we have journeyed through. It definitely has not been boring or lacking of excitement. Done are the days in braving ice to class, wrestling with horizontal wind and snow. Getting up early for class and setting alarms can be put on snooze. It is time to put on the shades or sleep masks.

The challenge is to keep that energy up as we enter the home stretch of the academic year. With end in sight it only seems fitting to finish strong instead of limping to the finish line. Except the only thing we will be passing will be our classes.

A strong finish will make a year’s worth of work even more rewarding. No one likes to stroll across the finish line out of breath and behind their goals.

So stretch out your brain muscles, grab a lot of ice (for your drinks, of course), and roll out the beach towel.

Let’s finish strong by resting right.

Happy travels and Spring Break from the editorial staff. Let’s bring this year home as we go home.