‘17 Pines Q&A with St. John’s JEC Co-chair, Jon Blomquist, and JEC Concert Committee Co-Chair, Logan Pedersen
By Taylor Kainz – [email protected]
The Record sat down with Jon Blomquist (St. John’s Co- chair JEC) and Logan Pedersen (Concert Committee Co-Chair JEC) to talk about this years’ Pines concert and events.

How did you decide on Echosmith to be the artist for ‘17 Pines?
Blomquist: “Echosmith was one of the groups that we had an eye on because logistically they worked within our budget and they were available for the time we needed them. They also have a couple fun songs and we thought they would appeal to a larger audience.”
Pedersen: “Yeah, they have name power which is always something we look for when trying to pick someone.”


What are the requirements for and restrictions imposed by CSB/SJU when it comes to music performances at Pines?
Blomquist: “The biggest thing is that any artist must fit in the budget we have. More than that though, any artist that comes needs to have music and a performance that reflects the Benedictine values at CSB/SJU. While we understand that artists might swear and whatnot in their performance we don’t want anyone that makes derogatory remarks toward other people. We want to have every member of our CSB/SJU community feel included and want to be proud of who we’re bringing in. We’re definitely held to higher standards as a private institution that upholds the Benedictine values.”

How much are the tickets? What do the t-shirts look like?
Pedersen: “The shirt design has been released online—if you go to our website you can find it. I’m really excited about it this year, because the majority of the design is on the back, but it has a cool logo on the front where the pocket of a shirt would be.”
Blomquist: “On the website, we are offering an early bird t-shirt and ticket bundle for $17 for CSBSJU students until about mid-April. Separately, tickets are $10 and t-shirts are $10. After mid-April we’ll sell tickets for $15 and t-shirts for $10 for CSBSJU students, so it’s definitely a way better deal to get them earlier and buy the bundle. For anyone that isn’t a CSBSJU student, tickets will be $20.”
Where will the concert and other events be held?
Pedersen: “The concert will be in the HCC fieldhouse at CSB and the daytime events that we’ll have like the Bubble Soccer and Comedy Sportz and things like that will be at SJU.”
Will there be food served? If so, what kind?
Blomquist: “In terms of daytime food we’re still finalizing the budget, but we will have a late-night snack after the concert in the HCC—it’s going to be a mac and cheese bar. So right after the concert people can walk upstairs in the atrium area right outside O’Conn’s and McGlynn’s and go through the line and add all of the toppings they want.”
Pederson: “We saw a menu from CSB Catering and it’s going to be really good, so make sure you get to that early.”
Is there anything you two would like to tell CSB/SJU students about ‘17 Pines?
Blomquist: “I think just about Pines in general, if you’ve been to one Pines don’t expect that this Pines will be the exact same thing. I mean that’s the entire mantra that we have for Pines is that we always want it to be engaging, exciting, inclusive. So buy your tickets and t-shirts early and get excited!”
Pedersen: “Exactly—we’re super pumped about it and we want the students to be, too. We want people to look back on this and remember ‘17 Pines as something exciting that they really had a good time at. Especially as seniors, Jon and I look forward to this as an end-of-the-year celebration. We want people to celebrate all the hard work they’ve done during the academic year and cut loose and have fun.”
What should students be most excited for about ‘17 Pines?
Blomquist: “I’m most excited for the variety of events that will be going on. Anyone that remembers ‘14 Pines will remember how there were so many events going on and that’s something we wanted to do for this year too. There will be lots of events going on at SJU during the daytime: bubble soccer, archery tag, we’re bringing in a ton of inflatables, and Comedy Sportz, a professional improv comedy group, will be in Sexton. We’ll just have a ton of stuff going on and it will be really exciting and energizing for everyone during the day.”
Pedersen: “It’s going to be one crazy day; after it all happens you’ll just want to fall in bed and sleep for a week. We want the day to be memorable and for students afterwards to just be like ‘I had so much fun and I did so many different things today.’ We want it to be really enjoyable.”
Blomquist: “Ultimately, we want people to really have a good time that’s where our satisfaction comes from. We want people to go to the event and have the fun experience. If you’re skeptical about the artist or the daytime events, attend and then see how much you enjoy it.”