By Joseph Mahowald and Kyle Olson
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This week the Brew Log moves to St. Joseph (somewhat).

We decided to take a trip to the Local Blend and have a pint of the Midnight Ryder, an American Black Ale (Black IPA) from Indeed Brewing Company in Minneapolis. The Local Blend offers a fun atmosphere with music and is a great spot to try some Minnesotan beer. We are excited for this week’s beer since neither of us have tried a Black Ale before and want to share the experience with you. 

Indeed Brewing Company has quickly become one of the prominent breweries in Minneapolis and beyond. Since its inception in 2012, the brewery has expanded its network rather quickly with their beer now being sold in three states.

Rachel Anderson, Nathan Berndt and Tom Whisenand founded the brewery that is located in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, an area of town that is brimming with breweries and a bustling arts scene.

Indeed fits in perfectly to this area of town as they experiment with different beer concepts, creating a craft. Indeed’s seasonal releases and specialty brews allow for them to provide new flavors and styles continually.

Indeed also contributes to the community through the “Indeed We Can” campaign where all sales from the taproom on Wednesdays go to local charities. If you are a beer fan, we highly endorse a trip to the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District to check out Indeed and all of the other breweries nearby.

The Midnight Ryder is extremely dark after the pour, looking powerful within the glass. With a foamy head, it is an inviting and intriguing beer. When smelled there is a hint of pine and a surprising lightness to the scent. The first taste was unexpected, with a slightly bitter taste on the tip of the tongue. There are slight notes of coffee as well. Not surprisingly, the dark beer is remarkably smooth. This beer is formidable and strong, definitely not in the light beer category so be aware of this. Overall, with its smooth taste and slight bitterness, the Midnight Ryder possesses a mixture of beer characteristics. The Midnight Ryder is classified as many different styles of beer, but they all mean the same thing. It is commonly referred to as an American Black Ale, but is also called a Black IPA or a Cascadian Dark Ale. The main features of this style of beer are malty and roasted oats and slight levels of hops. This beer is the byproduct of the American IPA, but brewers incorporate darker malts that are normally reserved for stouts or porters. The result is a beer that is an unconventional combination of traditional IPA flavors and traditional flavors of darker beers.

Overall, we were left wondering what kind of beer the Midnight Ryder is trying to be. The bitterness of the beer is deceiving based on its dark color. The malty flavors remain along with the bitterness, resulting in an unfamiliar taste.

For those who are adventurous, we recommend trotting over to the Local Blend and trying a pint of the Midnight Ryder to experience this creative concoction of flavors. Drink responsibly, CSB/SJU.