By Grace Kilgore – [email protected]

The city of St. Joseph is implementing an idea that will transcend time.

A time capsule, which will be housed in the new St. Joseph Government Center, is an idea that has been around for awhile. However, after the completion of the center, the capsule will finally be created, sealed and ready for the future generations of St. Joseph to discover.

The idea came from Mayor Rick Schultz and the project has been overseen by St. Joseph City Administrator Judy Weyrens.

The goal for initiating the capsule project was to “snapshot what the city was, what was going on and what the stories

were in our city,” Weyrens said. “Now, it’s just a matter of getting items put in.”

The ideal time capsule would include multiple components that fully represent the city says Weyren. Though technology dominates our era, digital pieces are not necessarily encouraged due to the ever-changing field of technology and difficulty accessing outdated digital mediums. Instead, old-school artifacts and city memorabilia are what will fill the capsule.

Weyrens explained the ideal artifacts St. Joseph hopes to gather for the project.

“Something from a young person’s perspective and hopefully something from the College [of St. Benedict],” Weyrens said.

So far the city has attained a group photograph from Kennedy Elementary School and a Year in Review Newsletter. Weyrens hopes to gather other artifacts from local groups and organizations.

The capsule—a 12-inch wide, 18-inch tall, three-inch deep wooden box—is to fit in between two wooden stubs in the new St. Joseph Government Center.

It will be housed behind a building dedication plaque, which will have the year built and members of the city council inscribed upon it. The physical capsule will be placed at 2 p.m. Aug 6 in its home during an open house ceremony.

CSB/SJU is also looking to create and implement a time capsule of their own. The Jackson Fellows Program is the organization on campus making this project possible.

“We have a number of different goals for the time capsule,” senior Jackson Fellow William Harren said. “Part of it is simply to preserve a piece of our time at CSB/SJU for the future. We think we can create something that’s entertaining and meaningful for our future selves to look back on and reminisce about.”

The capsule would most likely be kept in the Archives at St. John’s and it will most likely be closed for 20-25 years. The first opening of the CSB/SJU capsule would take place at the future reunion for the class of 2017, and it would
remain open the following year for the class of 2018 reunion.

Jackson Fellows are encouraging juniors and seniors to suggest submissions since the physical capsule will be present at their class reunion. However, they welcome all other groups, organizations and faculty on campus to provide submissions.

Warren hopes the time capsule will serve as a special memoir that captures students’ short time at CSB/SJU.

“Personally, I would like to see lots of every-day type objects. Things that people will be familiar with, things that will spark memories,” Warren said. “Things that capture a little bit of our communal culture.”