Dear Editor,

Last week Mr. William Harren described the Students for Life display as misleading and implying causation between abortions and the Roe vs. Wade decision without evidence.

The evidence would be that abortion rates did increase significantly following the decision; they increased through the 1970s peaking in the 1980s before starting to fall in the ‘90s.The number of providers also decreased since the 1980s (Guttmacher Institute), which has correlated with a decrease in the rate of abortions.

Abortion rates have also decreased as ultrasounds became the new standard during pregnancy. In the 1990s ultrasounds saw major improvements in image quality and resolution.

Our generation has grown up with grainy images of babies in utero, looking like the small human beings they are. Medical advances have made it possible for those born at the age of 22 weeks to be viable outside of the womb.

We now know that at 13 weeks, when up to 92 percent of abortions occur the baby is capable of complex thought.

According to Pew Research, 44 percent of Americans believe having an abortion is morally wrong, 19 percent believe it is morally acceptable and 34 percent say it is not a moral issue. Young voters under 30 used to be the most vociferous about legalizing all abortions. That has now dropped to 24 percent from 36 percent. Our generation has a hard time reconciling new information on human development with the barbaric practice of destroying obvious life to make our own easier.

I’ll save the switch and bait tactics of pro-choicers trying to say the debate is about “liberation” versus “tradition” for last week, as science has clearly been the winner in recent years.

Although I particularly liked that argument in last week’s article juxtaposed with the argument that abortion has been going on since ancient times.

I completely agree with Mr. Harren, however, that partisanship does not help matters. That is why it is unjust to accuse the Students for Life group of reporting misleading information.

Pro-life individuals and groups aren’t arguing for the sake of proving our own intelligence or wit. We are against abortion in favor of support of the mother and child throughout their entire lives. We support life in the favor that all humans, no matter how dependent on one another, what size, mental or physical capacities they have, are equal and deserve to live.


Elise Reid ‘17, CSB senior