Dear Editor,

Over the past four years at CSB/SJU, I’ve bit my tongue when it came to the
inconvenient parking circumstances at CSB for SJU students. During the day, all Johnnies that elect to drive over to St. Ben’s are forced to park in Lot 12—the Dirt Lot.

Tucked far away from Gorecki and most of civilization, Lot 12 is a pain in the trunk for Johnnies. While Bennies and CSB faculty deserve to have the better parking spaces at CSB, Johnnies should have access to some sort of paved lot.

While it’s dubbed “The Dirt Lot,” Lot 12 can frequently go by other names. “Glacier Lot” would have sufficed two weeks ago when I (gracefully) slipped and fell walking to my car. “Lake Sagatagan Lot” could have accurately described the lot once all of that ice melted. Heck, with all of the potholes that litter the gravel pit, you could name it “The Grand Canyon” and students wouldn’t think twice about the name.

We all know that both schools generate ample revenue from parking permits and ticket fees, so I’m confident that we can scrap together the change to make this happen.

I’m not asking for a climate controlled parking garage. I’m not even asking for a lot with freshly painted lines. Forget the lines—it’s already a free-for-all out there. Just give us a smooth and level layer of asphalt and we’ll take care of the rest.


Jon Blomquist ’17, SJU senior